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31/12/2005, 17h45
I am curious how large the user base is for carrara and hex / amapi. I looked at the Eovia.com galery and it said something over 100,000 visits and I'm curious if those were users or visitors/new consumer. For Carrara 4-5 for example how many of us are there not counting free versions of amapi6 and carrara1?

31/12/2005, 23h56
Last I heard was that Carrara had 100,000 registered users. No idea about Amapi and hexagon.

Ringo Monfort
01/01/2006, 05h20
Brian that was RayDream had 200,000 I don't think Carrara has 100,000. I read an interview with Laurent Billy and I think he said it was in the 30 or 40,000. That number chould have gone up as that was an interview way before Hexagon was even announced.

01/01/2006, 16h27
Happy and creative new year to everybody!

Good question Grendel.

I will be pleased when we'll have 100,000 Carrara users - for now, the best estimate (not so easy to do) is around 53,000 to 55,000 not counting free Carrara 1.1 coverCD versions.

Amapi has roughly 25,000 to 27,000 users. To be honnest, it's difficult to know exactly how many among these users are still active, since Amapi has been for sale for thirteen years now...

Regarding Hexagon, it's still a very young product on the market (released 7 months ago only) but we already have more than 2,500 users.

The above numbers are not official, but should represent more or less the reality of the Eovia current database...

I wish you all the best for this new year!

- Laurent

01/01/2006, 17h46
Thank you Laurent for the research, I have always been curious about how widespread Carrara is. I know it did not have the entertainment or games industry to support it as the other apps in the higher price ranges do. But among it's peers(Truespace, Realsoft, Strata3d etc) I think it's the best.:w00t: