Voir la version complète : cheap software...legitimate????

30/12/2005, 21h03
is this legitimate??? and if so, how????o_O

30/12/2005, 22h00
Maya 7 is out for a while now... and previously was Maya 6.5
I guess they can sell the n-2 Maya 6.0 version (unsold inventory?) at a more-than-bargain price.

Could be a good deal anyway for someone who wants to learn and start to use this remarkable product!

- Laurent

30/12/2005, 22h01
I don't think so...
By the way, if you find the real answer (ask Alias directly) and if it's positive, I'll be the first one to buy Maya at this price...

30/12/2005, 23h53
I emailed Alias directly :)

30/12/2005, 23h56
And as Pete Extreeme replied (I got the email, but I don't see the message here... you deleted it Pete ?), the domaine name was created 7 days ago...

Pete Exxtreme
31/12/2005, 00h02
oopss ! Yes i've deleted it ... :blush: yep i've just had a sneak peak at the domain info using whois.net.... :whatever:

31/12/2005, 00h08
i know this kind of shops,i ruined 3 or 4 last month,i contacted 3 anti piracy organisations and they did the rest.shops like this are only selling ilegal copies of software and if you buy from them then they have your credit card number and your email,you will have alot spam and i dont want to think about what they will do with your creditcard number.

31/12/2005, 00h16
Thank you very much for your email. That is not a legal offer and I have
past the information on to our legal department.
It's the reply from Alias.

31/12/2005, 02h15
It seemed way too good to be true :)

31/12/2005, 08h00
Adobe Photoshop CS2 (latest version) is selling for $69.95. Retail price as shown on the site is $599. We all know that this is not an older, overstocked inventory item.

31/12/2005, 08h38
I had a few scams happen to me via ebay when I was trying to purchase dreamweaver 2004. I was smart enough to run each serial number by a representative at Macromedia before I installed the software. Winded up purchasing the software from Macromedia. However, I did manage to score a copy of Flash MX for the Mac on Ebay. Does me a fat lot of good though. It's only for Mac, and I own a PC. Does however make me eligible for upgrade. cost me 35 dollars canadian. save me at least 300 american I would think.

31/12/2005, 08h48
I consider ALL the "cheap-software" mails as BIG spam and so they are treated.I never read them .

People are working hard .

18/01/2006, 07h54
Thank you very much for your email. That is not a legal offer and I have
past the information on to our legal department.

It's the reply from Alias.
Eovia3D.net administratorThey are still selling it or trying to sell it for a very low price. It looks like the legal department at Alias have not been able to do anything about it.

19/01/2006, 20h40
Give it a bit and I think it will be shut down. A $7,000 software package for $100 is enough to give one a heart attack, just seeing the price.