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24/12/2005, 14h03
Not sure if I should post here or not, but I have just joined this community and wanted to say Hello to everybody.
I looked at Truespace 3D but there was little out there in the way of help and support, someone suggested I try Carrara and so I had a look and liked what I saw, I have now placed an order for Carrara v3 to get me started on the 3D route and hope it wiil arrive shortly after Christmas, when I am sure I will be back posting questions to help me get a better understanding of Carrara.

So until then A Merry Christmas to you all.

24/12/2005, 21h44
Welcome to the community and if you have any questions, please post them. We are fairly quick in answering and you'll usually have a solution within a day.

crazy wabbit
24/12/2005, 21h51
welcome my man, I was truespace once, maybe in the future, but I just invested in carrara and hexagon. You will not be sorry, I am telling you this for a fact.

25/12/2005, 10h55
Hello whoisit. Welcome to the forum. It is always good to see this community is growing. I hope you'll have a lot of fun here and if you want to, there are lots of things to learn here too.
Best regards JuST

27/12/2005, 12h07
Welcome here Whoisit!