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24/12/2005, 04h08
Hello everyone..
My family just purchased ver 5 Pro and Hexagon bundle for me for Christmas.
I am a novice in the 3D world. I have only used a beginner app Swift 3D by Erain. A great app and I have learned a tonne. http://www.swiftdev.com (http://www.swiftdev.com/) (Swift3D forums) the guys and gals there are awesome and have helped me learn so much.

Here is my question...
Which app would you use to model? Carrara 5 pro or Hexagon?
Or is one better than the other for certain types of modelling?

I am currently going through the manual for Hexagon to learn where and what things do. The types of modelling and animations I do are related to orthopeadic surgery.

Happy Holidays

24/12/2005, 06h40
Hexagon is strictly a modeler, very efficient and capable once you have mastered it. Carrara has fairly good modeling capabilities, but mainly is an all around program great for texturing, rendering, scene assembly, animation and much more. As a combo you are only limited by time and imagination.


24/12/2005, 06h44
Thanks for the reply....That helps

24/12/2005, 07h11
Corndog. The best Xmas present you can now get FOR YOURSELF! is to go right now to www.3dxtract.com (http://www.3dxtract.com) and buy the CD which is on special. Then you will have the THREE best presents you could ever get! Your new life now begins--it;s really great fun! And you are joining the best lot of helpful people in the world. You will have a very happy new year.

24/12/2005, 13h25
I have already signed on over there :) I will look for the CD thanks.