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06/11/2005, 22h00
Does anyone know if PFHoe will work with Carrara as it stands. Yes, I know there are no native support yet, however pfhoe does export to formats that carrara does import. Just a thought..... Well, there is a trial version, I'll try it and report back.


The answer is no :(

07/01/2008, 03h30
It is tragic. However, the only way we will get Carrara support for PFHOE, (which lets face it is the best budget solution for Motion Traking), is to tell PFHOE that you want Carrara support.

Email them here: hoeinfo@thepixelfarm.co.uk (hoeinfo@thepixelfarm.co.uk)

(Unless you are a programmer and able to convert PFHOE xml format into either .car, .syncar (syntheyes) or .rzml (RealViz XML).)