Voir la version complète : Formation Amapi in Paris?

17/06/2004, 14h14
Does anyone have any information about a formation for Amapi Pro in Paris? I contacted Eovia, and am waiting for a reply (end of june...) . My question is, how many businesses in Paris actually use Amapi, and are hiring? All my requests so far have come back 3DSmax and Maya and Rhino. Surely Amapi pro is better than that lot combined!

Give me some leads!

Andy (andy_beverly@yahoo.com)

18/06/2004, 13h19
They have a french forum of amapi.net if you want …

Totyo is the best guy to awnser your question about formation :)

18/06/2004, 15h05
Actually, Eovia is planning it's formations for the next months (include june...)
By the way, as Hugo said, let's talk about that on the french board ;)