Voir la version complète : Munshkin v1.5!

07/08/2007, 09h57
Hello All!

Most of you who know me here just know me as that 15 year old kid who makes 3D images of Aliens and other crappy things :p. But actually I also do some programming. I just started the idea for my game Munshkin mid July. I started coding Munshkin : Text just this week, I plan to make a series of Munshkin Games. After this text version I hope to make a 2D version, and mabey even a 3D version!

Download Munshkin : Text v1.5 here:

Just run the .exe, and enjoy! Keep in mind that I only have the first stage of the game done so go easy http://munshkin.jconserv.net/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif.

07/08/2007, 10h58
I have no idea how you do this, but good for you. Wish I was 15 again and had the software we have today:)