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16/07/2007, 17h03
Hi all. I know NOTHING about website creation. But i would like to set up a very simple website where i could post videos of experimental tools i am making. It is not for profit, and i would like to do it at no cost to myself... So far, the only free channel i could find is to create a blog. but they do not allow videos to be posted, and can not be divided into sub-topics for discussions... any ideas on how to do this for free?


16/07/2007, 17h57
NVu (http://www.nvu.com/index.php) is pretty easy to learn and it's open source.

16/07/2007, 18h08
thanks Piem. Will check it out...

16/07/2007, 20h53

I feel what are your needs, but you seem to have no knowledges in HTML or PHP ?
The best no-cost solution is blog + posting videos on youtube like service.
Then, you can link them and/or emb (include) them into your blog easily.
Moreover, people can post comments for each post, it may be the best couple for no-cost.

After that, you can find a free web hosting provider (in france, we have free.fr) and install a forum your self with small web knowledges, and no-cost.

Hope that helps.

16/07/2007, 22h12
Thanks. I was actually considering to use Youtube as you mentioned. But the resolution will be really small. And that may not give a clear demonstration of the tools in action. I will give it a try...


18/07/2007, 00h22
look at Joomla. it's a great CMS solution... and open source.
I run about 30 different Joomla sites. you can have a blog, forum, image gallery, and most anything you could ever need. it's based on plug in modules... most of which are also open source.
but you will still have to purchase a domain name and a hosting plan.

or you could use the "sandbox" section here on polyloop:p

18/07/2007, 01h15
...or you could use the "sandbox" section here on polyloop:p

Thanks Rickei. And yes, i did consider to misuse the sandbox for that purpose lol !


19/07/2007, 05h11
so what kind of "experimental tools" are you talking about???

19/07/2007, 06h20
Mostly it would be experimental tools and interface ideas I've been working on for Rhino. I think i might just post the videos on Rhino forum and post my toolbar downloads on the Rhino wiki and then post a link to both on my blog. That would be no cost to me. And maybe having anything more complicated is not worth it. Other thoughts i have about 3D i can just post on Polyloop as always...


19/07/2007, 06h40
Please allways post here as well though!

crazy wabbit
19/07/2007, 16h03
Jb use a blog and then you can post your videos in youtube or alike and then embed them into your blog. Make sure you can do that first before starting the blog.

19/07/2007, 18h06
Shorty - What do you have for Rhino?

Drool running from mouth.

19/07/2007, 21h05
LOTS of stuff, Vince. Just to name a few of the toolbars:

Chop Shop
Blob Shop
Mesh Tools
Wire Cages
Curve "Brushes"
Area Centroid Transforms
Normal Vector Transforms
Control Point transforms
Planar Shapes
Solid Shapes (including Pie Wedges, Pill Capsules, Soap, etc...)
Pipe Shapes
Nurbs Patch Modeling Kit
Mesh Patch Modeling Kit
Nurbs extrusion methods such as bridging
Cplane tools
Visibility tools (Jump In/Out, Isolated Viewports, etc...)
Shading modes
A stripped-down environment which uses pop-up toolbars and hotkeys to improve single viewport workflow and "reclaim" the screen space for modeling
New tools added to nearly every "modeling" related toolbar
And finally, the "Happy" toolbarCurrently they are all macro-based, so they require a little hand-holding and practice (it also helps that i wrote them lol ). But they are surprisingly very powerful. I plan to learn Rhinoscript, then i will use Monkey to convert them to a real plug-in. That's the plan at the moment. It will probably take me quite a long time to rewrite all my macros to script. there are several hundred of them. And i am starting from zero :crying2:...

:) shorty

19/07/2007, 23h57
I have heard of happy ending, but never happy toolbar. lol

This will be fun watching for your up and coming web site or blog.

20/07/2007, 00h39
Here's the Happy toolbar just for you Vince. Later i might add some more emoticons...

Left Mouse click when you need a little happiness
Right Mouse click when the boss starts asking what you're up toPlease do not use on important files...
shorty :)

20/07/2007, 02h35
Shorty - I could not load the toolbar, is it made for 4.0? I am still running 3.0. I tried to load the toolbar from tools>toolbar>import, when finished I do not see the toolbar to check mark it and turn it on. :huh:

20/07/2007, 03h10
Yup, it's for V4. I guess you can try it out when you upgrade :p . I am adding some new emoticons right now for the toolbar. But for some reason my "Diablo" emoticon keeps crashing Rhino. Damned little red devil lol !!!


EDIT - I sorted out the little demon. everything is working fine now :)

31/07/2007, 22h31
As I see it, you have a few options considering you don't have any HTML knowledge.

You can set up a free website at a number of different places. Google offers a free website from their beta area. Plus they have tools on the web that will help you set it up like a very basic wordpad (bold, italics, color, etc). I think you are limited to 200 mbs (or was it 100?) but that is more than enought to do tutorials, however, video tutorials will quickly eat up your small amount. With google, you are forced to use their online editor. Which is fine for you because you are new to coding www.

Nvu is great for simple websites. Doing complex stuff with it isn't too easy because of how it monitors it's code (something you don't have to worry about). But doing it this way means you have to upload your site to someplace to host it. I think Geocities or Angelfire offers free websites that you can upload to, but you'll have lots of junk added to your pages.

For the most simpliest of website, you can use OpenOffice or even Microsoft Word for make them. You'll still need to upload to a host, through.

23/07/2008, 02h19
Okay Shorty, I have been waiting patiently to try your little toolbar. I finally got my copy of Rhino4.0, so I am a happy little boy right now. :wink3:

23/07/2008, 05h43
Cool! You're just in time for Rhino 5 aplhas :) No mention about it yet, but it must be getting very very close. I can almost smell it. Oh wait, that's not Rhino which I smell. It's me... :blush2: