Voir la version complète : Hexagon2.2/Silo2/(Amapi 8)/MoI

10/07/2007, 09h05
Now thats a confusing start I guess.

Hexagon2.2 is a big improvement. Silo2, at last, has a help file BUT the list of bugs never seem to get smaller? Amapi8 may have both Nurbs and Polys--but still need a renderer?--- (and cost-and no Trees/Landscape etc) MoI seems to be heading towards a brilliant, simple "in between" approach which, combined with the Carrara vertex room (even now), and the Free 3d-Brush app, would solve many working approaches MAYBE!!???.

Did I hear Modo?

Without getting too parochial--please!--any broad discussions?

10/07/2007, 11h12
Having Shade, Poser, Carrara, Hex, Amapi Pro, and now - XSI, I'm aslo confused:blond:. I hope XSI + Amapi + Hex 3.0 (or will it be ZBrush?) will make me happy.
As a last resort they will not.

10/07/2007, 14h22
My two main workhorses are Rhino and Modo. I also have Hex, Silo, and Carrara but those are my one-trick ponies. i will also buy Moi just for exporting Rhino models into Modo (unless McNeel announces n-gon export). At this point i see no other reason to buy anything else. I will consider upgrading to Carrara 6 if dynamics are included, unless of course Modo announces bones, IK, and dynamics before C6 release. But then again it won't rhyme with Rhino and Modo, so i might go into the image files and rename it Carraro :)


10/07/2007, 18h53
I believe there is no "one 3d app to rule them all". All have their strengths and weakness.
As to Silo and Amapi and Hexagon, and Zbrush, they are mainly dedicated modellers. So IMHO including a renderer in any of those is more an extra feature than the program's strength.
Sometimes programs overlap . Like silo and hexagon doing displacement painting, opposed to mudbox just doing displacement. And the list goes on.
What I do know is that I'ld suffer if I had to use only one program. Why? Because at least now, there is not a single program that does EVERYTHING fast, efficiently, and is affordable.
Blender is probably the most feature rich 3d program, is free, but if it was so easy to use, nobody would buy Maya or Houdini ;)
I do my tree stuff in Vue, btw :)