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08/07/2007, 11h56
My avatar is adopted from poster of animation titled “Kurenai no buta” by Hayao Miyazaki, which I found somewhere of web page.
Naturally, it is not my original one.

Is this acceptable as my avatar on Polyloop?


Pete Exxtreme
08/07/2007, 12h23
Hi Shoeach,

I've move your post to the Misc section. i don't see why this image couldn't be suitable for the forum :)

09/07/2007, 03h05
Hi, Pete.

I misunderstood that avatar using existing others work is against Polyloop’s rules.
I was relieved to hear from you.:)

Thanks Pete.


09/07/2007, 21h53
Hi Shoeach: no problems with your avatar. The rule is for the members who post a picture in a finished work for example, and said they didn't, while they grabed it from another website :)

09/07/2007, 22h37
Has that ever happened here? lol

Hillarious. :)

10/07/2007, 11h14
Couerl: not here, but I already see this happen on other websites, and I already saw some pictures of me on a personal website of someone who posted that as his own creations..