Voir la version complète : Xara Extreme

18/06/2007, 18h02
Anybody familiar with this program?

19/06/2007, 21h48
yes , i use it on my linux OS.
great program. one of the best vector drawings software on the market.
xara is free for linux and mac ...

crazy wabbit
21/06/2007, 01h12
Listen, if you don't buy it your crazy
i mean it, I do 90% of my work with it.

I can not say enough, it beats illustrator 10000 times over

21/06/2007, 18h11
I don't think the Mac version is ready yet, but It will be GNU! :shiny:

22/06/2007, 14h39
I use Xara Extreme too its very good vector package for the money
I have not upgraded to Xara Extreme Pro because Serif's PagePlusX2 does a better job of making publications and pdf in my opinion but as a vector package xara is very fast and usable
there is also the open source Inkscape which is getting rather good (recently)