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crazy wabbit
14/06/2007, 04h39
You know something, I can truly appreciate this site now, after having looked, well I am blinded now at Daz new website, I can truly say I love this site.

Thomas your site rocks.:flower::hi::flower::flower::flower::flower: :flower::flower::flower:

Snake 972
14/06/2007, 05h11
Of course that polyloop is the best.

If they must enumerate all the reasons whose being that polyloop is the best that take much time.

(but you take much time to see it lol , 2 years!!! o_O :w00t: )

14/06/2007, 05h13
well, duh!!! Of course it is :)

crazy wabbit
14/06/2007, 05h19
Its best because it is where crazy wabbit hangs out.:p

14/06/2007, 08h53
Behzad: it's not me you have to thank, it's al the members, I'm just a small part of this "loop" :blush2:

crazy wabbit
14/06/2007, 14h17
Thomas, I think your site will grow very soon due to the unpopularity of Daz site. :P

Pete Exxtreme
14/06/2007, 14h19
Well IMHO this is not exactly the same audience...Here no pre-build content (but a few)... :)

14/06/2007, 14h31
How much you get for brown-nossing Thomas???:shiny: lol lol :blush2: (never mind) This site really rocks!!!

crazy wabbit
14/06/2007, 15h11
How much you get for brown-nossing Thomas???:shiny: lol lol :blush2: (never mind) This site really rocks!!!

If you really look closely you can not see a nose on my wabbit picture.:huh:

14/06/2007, 19h50
Mayito: I'm sory, I don't understand the "brown-nossing" expression, my english is not so good. I imagine it's a joke, but I can't understand it ;)

Behzad: Pete is right: here, we are for "Creation" and not "Content usage", even if I'm working for e frontier (and this website is not affiliate at all with any company, with the help of your donation (don't forget our friend Paypal http://www.polyloop.net/donation ;)

14/06/2007, 19h52
Brown nose is a english expression for someonewho likes to kiss his boss rear end, in USA you make a fist and in the hole left between your thumb and your index finger you put in front of your nose and rotate your fist in a semicircular movement, that is the sign for brown nose:shiny:

14/06/2007, 20h03
well... Now I understand, but I don't see why you are speaking of that....

14/06/2007, 20h05
It is a joke, we use it when someone says something nice about somebody else, like speaking good about the site, it is intended just as a joke. Like telling the person "how much did Thomas pay you for speaking good about him?" it is a joke.:p

crazy wabbit
15/06/2007, 04h53
mayito7777 your funny. It is getting confusing now. Remember we are all wabbits with no noses. Is that confusing too:w00t::hi:

15/06/2007, 05h03
Just donate to keep the site. And stop rabbiting on!!!!

Ringo Monfort
15/06/2007, 16h14
Psycho wabbit.

crazy wabbit
15/06/2007, 23h50
Ringo you must love me? I love being a wabbit, wabbit wabbit wabbit :scenic:

16/06/2007, 00h14
I have to say: I agree with behzad...
I once had to rabbitsit (same as babysit) when one of my neighbors went on holiday. I will never forget the day I took the little monster on a walk, with a harnes and a rope on a green field...... never again.

I am doing this as a hobby. I am coming to this site to learn, and getting inspiration.
And to find out what that crazy wabbit is up to this time.

This tread gave me inspiration to create my latest masterpiece :blush2:
(again all in Carrara) and it pushed my other projects further behind.
Dosn't mather, I'm having fun.

bwtr : you realy need an new avatar. Perhaps a fox?:)

crazy wabbit
16/06/2007, 03h07

That is so cute, it weallly made my day. :wub:

16/06/2007, 03h46
Varsel. Foxes rate (2nd?) as another of Australias most devestating enviorenmental pests!

16/06/2007, 04h27
whats the #1 most devastating environmental pest...Humans?

Hope your staying dry over there Brian. I hear the flooding is pretty bad.

16/06/2007, 14h24
I know Australia do have problems with rabbits, foxes, cats, toads and camels. All non native species. Back in the old days, people didn't know better. Here in Norway we do have problems with the american lubster and king crabs from russia.

But our main devastating environmental pest at the moment are politicians.
Its election year, for local goverment.

To bad that the only people that knows how to run a country... are busy driving taxies.....lol

crazy wabbit
16/06/2007, 14h36
I once wanted to move to Norway, Oslo that is? I hear it is very expensive.:(

16/06/2007, 15h08
The rain is only on a very, very tiny patch of the east coast. Most of Aussie still considered to be in drought .

And the biggest pest here-- like elswhere-is politicians preparing for elections.
So, with that AND the rabbits, camels ,foxes, cane toads, wild cats its all a bit much!

Actually, the pollies are a bit like when we had to hit the rabbits away with a club to be able to set the traps!

16/06/2007, 18h20
Have you noticed how fast can be lost the main subject?:p
This forum its really good!:happy:
BTW Behzand I once wanted to move to Canada

crazy wabbit
16/06/2007, 18h26
sadot welcome to canada anytime

16/06/2007, 20h41
Just to keep us of topic in this tread....
behzad : you don't wanna go to Oslo. It's just as anyother big town elsewhere.
You should go to Bergen. Even Seatle likes to compare themselves with us. "The Bergen of the US."

Check out http://www.visithordaland.com/visartikkel.asp?art=203
and http://www.visitbergen.com/default.asp?sp=GB

And be sure to bring your kids collegefund. As a tourist you might find it expensive, but when we are tourists abroud it feels like we are bilionars....


crazy wabbit
16/06/2007, 20h44
Not to worry, it is my thread, :hi:

They look so beautiful, I love the scenery.
Well my girlfriend wanted me to leave canada, I said now so now she is
there and i am here and she is not moving. So i guess that is how much we love eachother. :p

16/06/2007, 20h49
sadot welcome to canada anytime

Thank you! Yeah! the next year I hope I can go (As Tourist) Many friends of me go to Canada as students -English&French courses- another one go to that Country to learn VFX.
And go back for the Olympics in Vancouver :w00t:

18/06/2007, 02h52
behzad love your new avitar. My favorite cartoon I must have seen it 50 times. (I have a daughter it is her favorite too.) On topic I like this place it has a nice mix of users is supportive, and I think it has been getting better too. I think at first it was too focused on Eovia products nothing wrong with that; but when you posted work done in another package well was not as well received. Now it is a great place period. :wub:

crazy wabbit
18/06/2007, 04h28
Dann-O it is people like you that make this place a great place. This goes for other users too. I like change so the avatar is here for some time, but be aware the crazy wabbit is still alive.

22/06/2007, 08h47
I fall in love with the friendliness of this place the minute I stepped in :D

And the first to welcome me is Crazy wabbit !

22/06/2007, 08h57
Just donate to keep the site. And stop rabbiting on!!!!
Just to bump that ;)

crazy wabbit
22/06/2007, 13h13
Oh you guys so nice, why don't you all come over for some carrot juice, It is my special mixture, also I baked you all some carrot cake. Come on down....:w00t::flower::hi::innocent:

22/06/2007, 14h34
Carrot Cake no way!

carrot juice some strawberry spong cake oh and a cuppa tea would better

but Yeah great site, I've leart much from this site.