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06/06/2007, 05h08
Does anyone here own/use/work with any miniDV cameras? I am trying to purchase one for my church and I am lost.
I'm looking in the prosumer area and am considering things like the Canon GL2, or a JVC GR-HD1, Sony DCRVXwhatever and anything else that is in the $2k price range.

I have NO experience in video and therefore don't know what I will need until I find out that the particular camera I got was the only one that doesn't offer it.
this will mostly be used for creating kids/youth oriented productions. I have Final Cut Pro, and Apple's stuff(iDVD, and iMovieHD) is there anything else I will need?

Any purchasing advise would be appreciated.

06/06/2007, 14h47
Canon GL2 -This camera have 3 CCd´s one for each color and gives you the standar resolution lines for NTSC (720X480@29,97fps) it is the best for your home videos.

JVC GR-HD1 -This camera can record in HD format (and the standar NTSC) HD 720 (1280X720@30fps) and HD 1080 (1920X1080@24fps) this formats are excellent for postproduccion, even if the final video will be down to NTSC

Sony DCRVX -This is a lovely one -I have one-:happy: also have 3 CCD -one for each color, record in NTSC, HD 720 and 1080 a great Camera. good system and have a very little lens distortion

Anyone of the 2 options with HD would be my option, in addition it is becoming estandar so if you can be advanced to that in a pair of months that would be an advantage

Sorry my english it is not the best, i hope you understand me

08/06/2007, 01h57

that helps me a lot! I was hoping someone would say the Sony was good. that's the one I like.:shiny: