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04/06/2007, 13h39
I am a beginner at 3d graphics and programing. I have used Blender and other modeling software enough to be comfortable at modeling basic items or scenes. I know how to program a little in basic and javascript. I am learning C++.

I have access to os X 10.3.9 os 9, Windows XP/98, Linux (opensuse 10.2) and (Debian 4.0). So the list of programs out there is overwhelming. I would prefer to use my mac if possible as I already have all the development stuff I need and Blender, Wings, Gimp and others are already installed and working great. I am the least experienced with Linux. I know enough to install programs and navigate by terminal so I am not quite a complete idiot. I think.

I can not afford to pay for software so GPL/open source is fine as I am not planing on releasing anything commercially anyways. If any one could point me to a site with a lot of tutorials, source code, free graphics programs, or anything that might have helped you out on your way to becoming a graphic artist I would be very grateful.

Here is a list of what I am specifically looking for:
* I would like to use blender to make models and have an external program make the uv maps for the model. I would like to be able to edit the texture and paint directly on the map. Like adding runes to a sword and the like. I can use gimp to do this If I can figure out how to get a map off of my object. I have been able to take photographs of landscapes and add them to my objects but they don't render on the objects only on the 3d editor screen.

* I would like to find tutorials or documentation on the different file types used in these programs. Like .obj for example. How do I create skin and hair for my models and also how to make .jpeg and .png images appear sharp and crisp in blender.

* Does anyone know a good, well documented, stable game engine? I know blender has one but I am looking for more wysiwyg kind of building or an easier interface. I have tried dim3 and will use that if I have to. I also like openGL and wolud like to find a good free engine that supports it.

I thank you for any help you masters could bestow upon a poor noob like myself.

04/06/2007, 17h35
Try the game creators.


This is pay for, but some of the software is quite low cost.

Alternatively take a look at some of these:


05/06/2007, 01h43
Well I have not done any game related work. I know you can use wings and Blender to make UVmaps Gimp can take care of textures. You might be able to pick up an old version of photoshop if you look around. For game related stuff there are better sites.

Here is where there is a lot of game artists hang out. You can pick up some good tips from them. http://www.cgchat.com/forum/

This site is run by one of the top game artists in the industry and has tutorials and a lot of good info. (don't be fooled by the name) http://poopinmymouth.com/

05/06/2007, 03h17
games are not my thing, but I hope these links may help

basic blender UV tut

lots of good Mac game Dev stuff links/info/tuts

OpenGl tutorials

I would also check with Apple about the Quartz 2D Reference Collection ... its a C API, i think.

Snake 972
05/06/2007, 04h39

I think nobody are interrested by the programmation.
Me too, I will learning the opengl to create game.

05/06/2007, 08h53
you can also try UNITY. I tried it some month ago, it's a cool software...

05/06/2007, 09h08
Try this for development - apparently it also allows you to create interaction without coding:


Have fun.

10/06/2007, 18h55