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29/05/2007, 18h49
Hello everyone. I have recently added a new section to my website to include a place for Carrara shaders lol .

If any of you have any custom shaders you want to share, just email them to me on daniel@digitalarena.co.uk.

Visit my site here: http://www.digitalarena.co.uk/vmatter/www/index.htm.

Would like feedback on the site too.

Thanks everyone :shiny: .

29/05/2007, 19h08
Can you post some samples please?

29/05/2007, 19h32
The website looks great and so the shaders.

29/05/2007, 19h48
Try this sample free shader.

It's dirty, weathered army paint with rust spots and blisters.

You can change the colour of the paint or the grime to suit yourself.

It is totally procedural too which makes it a small file and quick to render.

Have fun.

Will post more later.

30/05/2007, 05h51
Cool !

..sorry but :huh: can you use the Hexagon logo?I suppose that has author rights
Its just a simple cuetion:shiny:

30/05/2007, 09h20
On the intellectual rights, I'm ok as the creator of the Logo, but as the usage rights, it's a DAZ matter :)

30/05/2007, 11h49
Did I use the hexagon logo? Show me where and I will sort it.

Sorry if I did - it was unintentional. :(

30/05/2007, 12h12
Sorry, I only have these one :)


30/05/2007, 13h03
I have re-rendered the shaders using a mesh that does not resemble the Hexagon graphic. Apologies for my earlier blunder.

Thanks for pointing that out.

30/05/2007, 13h27
No need to apology. The problem may come from DAZ (not from me), but honestly, I don't think they will care of that problem.

03/06/2007, 17h59
Just to say I am appreciating in this picture the unused fragments and parts surrounding what's now used as the Hex logo ;).

Someday someone would have the nerve, and get something interesting.

Best, Thomas, and usual thanks for what you provide for all of us.


Sorry, I only have these one :)


03/06/2007, 18h23
hmm. Not sure about those shaders. A few of them look like the default shaders that come with Carrara. While I don't have an issue myself. It might not be something that is legal to supply as free, since it is included content. Of course I could be wrong:)

04/06/2007, 03h44
Thanks for the feedback Nichod. I guess I am not too worried about the standard Carrara ones as they are already available to all Carrara users and useless to anyone else. But I guess if Daz are likely to have a problem I can take them off.

I don't suppose you have any you want to submit to the site?

Meanwhile - have some more.

Just fiddling around after noticing my bath taps could do with a good clean.

04/06/2007, 05h40
Digitalarena your idea its good, this weeck i will send you some shaders:happy:

04/06/2007, 23h18
Thanks Sadot, I look forward to it.

I was inspired by Paul Taylor's site for sharing Cinema 4D shaders - http://www.maxon.net/~deepshade/

I thought we Carrara users could benefit from a similar site to share shaders between us.

11/06/2007, 10h35
I've been playing around with Carrara's Layer List and Mixer functions to create a human eyeball.

The great thing about doing it this way is that the shader is completely procedural and so users can edit the colouring of the iris without having to edit a texture map in a third party program.

Have begun some vegetable shaders and added more Minerals to my site too >


12/06/2007, 00h42
While re-potting tomatoes into large terracotta pots, I couldn't help noticing how some of them get lichen or moss growing on the outside.

I see textures everywhere I look now. Enjoy.

11/09/2008, 02h29
Your shaders are very fine.
I've got some for sale at :
with a free download section (more very soon) :blush2:

29/09/2008, 05h40
Do you have a bundle price for all of your shaders as one single purchase? I love the look of them and use Carrara 6 Pro.


29/09/2008, 05h42

Do you offer a bundle price for all of your shaders for Carrara 6 Pro as one single purchase?


04/11/2008, 06h25
a logo is a trade mark
all rights reserved o_O aught oh

should i change my avatar?

04/11/2008, 09h33
E-Z: I'm not sure that this logo is trademarked...

21/02/2009, 15h24

Do you offer a bundle price for all of your shaders for Carrara 6 Pro as one single purchase?


It's not presently possible to have a bundle of products at Renderosity.
I made some "best of" products (the "shaderpack" series for Carrara 5 and above) to have a good selection of shaders at an affordable price.