Voir la version complète : App Control by USB Flash Drive?

27/05/2007, 04h49
I am wondering how many Apps need to have a dedicated USB flash drive to allow proper access to the working of that app?

Also (and/or) where the loss or damage of that USB flash drive also , then, closes off complete access to opening your whole computer?

Do those apps come with a second (spare) USB flash drive for such an emergency?

27/05/2007, 08h54
Exclude AutoCad. They had something similar but gave it away because of the huge problems for customers.

30/05/2007, 17h33
Electric Image still uses a USB "hardware dongle" the only thing it affects is the app itself. it doesn't have anything to do with the operating system
.I assume you would have to return the damaged one to receive a new one? but there is really nothing to damage other than breaking it off or something like that.
it's not like "flash memory" I think it's just a tiny PCB board with the serial# burnt into it. not sure about that though.

09/06/2007, 05h30
I have heard of marine navigation software that uses a dongle.

09/06/2007, 07h49
Messiah uses a dongle only effects messiah.

17/06/2007, 09h21
XSI uses dongle. No second device.