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crazy wabbit
20/05/2007, 16h11
Hello friends,

I need to upgrade my memory, how would I know what brand and make to buy? Right now it is 512k most of it used by Microsoft xp. :ermm:

Also for graphic card, would any of the ATI's do the work.

I will provide a link to bestbuy, they have some good ones, if you can tell me which one would do the job mostly for Hex, because of Open Gl 1.4 problems I have which currently is not supported on my card.

Most of the ATI cards do not say if they support 1.4:hi:

http://www.bestbuy.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?sku_id=0926INGFS10052562&catid=20397&logon=&langid=EN&MSCSProfile=3C79F0C7EA3162B2B9AD68C2316B6FA16E4C53 C3572BB0D1CBD07E49A8DD5EBBF454991AF9FC224C3C1A906F C219E87FBAA5560CDF5C099C7ED4A6271099E46FBC49F3E9C9 70895EC3F53B67AB47B844C58E7A901CFCA059ACF562CD86FD 8698A231FACD98549FBCFA255FACA34738A074A05C87847955 DB

21/05/2007, 02h09
Any brand of RAM should work but you need to find out if you have SDRAM, DDR 1 or even DDR 2. The CPU and chipset should give you a clue.

Almost any Nvidia or ATI card over $100.00 should rock. You need to find out if you have AGP or PCI Express. I switched from a Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 to Geforce 7300 and it was like night and day for Carrara.

I hope this helps.

crazy wabbit
21/05/2007, 02h23
Thank you, If I take the old memory out, would it tell me the information on it?

My system is the IBM series 0, one of the ones that has all ibm everything.

21/05/2007, 12h10
How old is it and what CPU does it have? You could have RAMBUS RAM if it is an old P4.

crazy wabbit
21/05/2007, 14h13
How old is it and what CPU does it have? You could have RAMBUS RAM if it is an old P4.

Well here is the info from what direct X9 told me.


22/05/2007, 11h16
It is to hard to tell. You could take your ram and video card out of the computer and then go to the computer store and look at their RAM and video cards to see what matches your system. That would be best way to check but make sure to put the RAM and video card in an antistatic bag.

crazy wabbit
22/05/2007, 14h23
Thanks so much your so nice to help. :hi::hi: