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crazy wabbit
17/05/2007, 17h16
Hello my friends,:hi:

I need your encouraging words. I have been in the black hole for the longest time, that is not doing any 3d. Reason being I have no clue.
I got the programs but I can not get my ass into gear.

I also run a design studio and my mind is too occupied with running my business which can be very stressful. I am sure you all have lot of things to do too, but is it discipline? What is it?

I feel like I had constipation from eating too many carrots, that is not doing 3d constipation by the way.http://static-a.arttoday.com/d/animfactory/images/samples/animations/animation_thumb.gif (http://www.animationfactory.com/en/samples.mc)

Help me, love me, support me and tell me what works for you.:wub:

17/05/2007, 17h39
When it's time to have a break..it's time.
1 Holydays with NO fear.
2 Friends on who you can count (during the vacations)
3 Friends who tell you 'Man, I really love what you're doing !" (ok, I love what you're doing !)
4 Girls
5 Prayers or zazen or something in relation with the Spiritual matters, someone better or higher than you and that you'll listen to.
6 who knows..life is such a mysery mystery sometimes.

Pete Exxtreme
17/05/2007, 18h16
When you're overflloded with business, then it's pretty hard to be in the mood of doing art.

Piem words are wise : VACATIONS with no mail, no cell phone, no way for your usual world to be in touch with you. Then in vacation meet people you've never met before and discuss, do sport, drink, dance, date :blush:...etc WASH OUT your head... lol with silly stuff, then go back to "reality" with a clear mind.

17/05/2007, 18h49
HI am sure you all have lot of things to do too, but is it discipline? What is it?

Passion maybe ? :)

""Constipation" happens sometimes to all of us. :p What I do is I go and model something, anything around me, ideas come about how to use it later :hi:

crazy wabbit
17/05/2007, 19h13
I think not only passion but also time management.
I did a few truespace ones but that was years ago.

I probably will look like crap if I do anything in carrara or hex.

17/05/2007, 19h44
The best advice? hmmmm I will say get organized, that helps a lot. Take a magnetic board and put it on your refrigerator and start your day by writting the tasks that you need to accomplish, stick to it!!!! that is the key to find time to enjoy your spare time.:)

crazy wabbit
17/05/2007, 19h45
Thank you friends, your all so nice to me. Please come over for some carrot cake and carrot juice.

17/05/2007, 21h56
very good points everyone.:happy:

one more thing to add.
Don't worry about your work being crap or people laughing at your work. We are all learning.
Even if a particular image or model does not end up as you would like it to you have learned something in the process.
Pollyloop is probably the best place to get real constructive advice...in a gentle way.:wub:

17/05/2007, 22h36
I find a good clearout of stuff on my desk, in my hardrives, round the house, rearrange my workspace, makes me feel Im back on top of things, and then lets me feel free to create lots of mess again. I find the making a mess again part my most creative part. Its hard in a busy world making time for personal space, and then you have to find some inspiration. I find art books jog the creative juices too. Hey but who am I to talk :)

17/05/2007, 23h36
Dear Bezhad :

Working hard can turn into is a serious disease.

I know it perfectely as a 14 years computer technician !

Making 3D, a drop orange juice, a jump in a nice swimming pool is part of a human life :)

My advice : take your favourite camera and go for a walk in a field.

No noise & stress, "above us only sky"

Moles, rabbits, cows etc... will tell you that you are on earth for a very short time

...so how about living ?


crazy wabbit
18/05/2007, 00h06
Thank you all, lots of love to you all for your support.
I feel much better, here in Canada it is long weekend and I am
going to go out and enjoy, ofcourse with a camera.


18/05/2007, 00h56
Less sugar, sugar is the enemy. When you find you are so burnt out and tired and need a rest and can't even make a little wip then you need to get up off your lazy ass and get busy, even if it is just some small bit of practice.

Bad 3D is better than no 3D at all. :)

18/05/2007, 01h10
and stop thinking you are crazy or a wabbit ...just for a moment...and listen to the silence inside you...

18/05/2007, 03h13
I get stuck modeling mechanical stuff work and it starts to become a little dreary. I then model something that has nothing to do with work and that helps.

Everybody has a hard time in the begining, just start small with stuff around your desk and work you're way up. Don't set out to do the coolest thing you've ever scene on the forums, you'll just get depressed and think you suck.:p

18/05/2007, 04h42
Since I started with a computer, I have kept every tutorial, 2D and 3D that Icould lay my hands on.

Whenever I get stuck I start on those in the long list I have never worked through. Doing them usually inspires an idea for something new.

Another idea, which I used to do when I had an (art) painting block was to stab at a word blindly in the dictionary. Then I would analyse the meanings of the words describing the meanings of that word.

The wild visual things the mind can come up with doing that!

crazy wabbit
18/05/2007, 04h53
Thank you everyone, Solt it is weally weally hard to not think of myself as a crazy wabbit, But I will try. That means no carrots for a day at least....:blush:

18/05/2007, 06h08
The "wabbit" idea was a joke--the first time it was used.

crazy wabbit
18/05/2007, 06h15
The "wabbit" idea was a joke--the first time it was used.

ARE you getting tired of the Wabbit?:innocent:

18/05/2007, 06h52
Mate. I am probably showing my age, but it does not seem very adult to me.



crazy wabbit
18/05/2007, 14h09
Mate. I am probably showing my age, but it does not seem very adult to me.



It is called having fun, letting loose and having a glass of carrot juice. Art is about fun, we need more spice here on these forums. How about a new avatar for you?:hi:

18/05/2007, 16h17
....I probably will look like crap if I do anything in carrara or hex...

There is only one way to know that...:hi:come on my friend

crazy wabbit
18/05/2007, 16h38
Thanks guys, listen I have the book "carrara 5 pro handbook" it has some tutorials I can work on, would it be okay to post my results?:huh:

Or that is not considered original work:(

18/05/2007, 16h44
After 794 posts, I'm proud to anounce that: You can!
(applause :thumbup: )

But anyway, you won't match with Frenchy Pilou, 45698225510025 posts and zero wip lol

crazy wabbit
18/05/2007, 16h47
Oh how I love you guys, you really weally like Wabbit:blush2:

Nate Owens
18/05/2007, 17h08
Does your work/job have you or do you have it?
I've been on the management side and on the other side.

I opted out of management long ago... it's about knowing who/what you are and remaining true to that. In my case I'm a doodler/artist. Anything else I get into is a trap that I struggle to get out of. In the long run the financial side of it has matched and surpassed the management scenario.

I agree with the image thing.
As of now you are no longer a wabbit... you are you - we are not all the same, but for better or worse I came to terms with me and I for the most part do not use avatars or aliases... doodler is what I doo.. I'm like Popeye, "I yam what I yam...."

my self-analysis.... :innocent:

crazy wabbit
18/05/2007, 17h12
You do look like Popeye, I think the greatest part of being on a forum is looking like something that amuses you, the bunny is for now my avatar, In real life I do not act like a wabbit. :hi:

18/05/2007, 19h02
So do I need to change my avatar?-:p :huh:

crazy wabbit
18/05/2007, 19h07
Whatever turns you on.:blush:

Nate Owens
19/05/2007, 06h38
Now you did it... I've got wabbit-fever!!
Super wabbit wip - Metal Wabbittica - Wabbit-a-wama ... maybe some mirror sunshades... jets...
Hey... how about a Wabbit-challenge...???? huh, huh???

crazy wabbit
19/05/2007, 06h40
Oh My God, I am in love, wow :wub::w00t:

I really needed this tonight, today I learned that my dear cousin who was recently seperated now has cancer too. It is heart breaking specially knowing how wonderful she is.
As you can see now you know why I sometimes go crazy with a rabbit idea. I need the fun and silliness. Last month was also not a good month for me, Dad had an operation and mother had a bad pneumonia and I had a serious eye infection.
God help us all.

By the way is it me or we are seeing more wabbits around this site?

Nate Owens
19/05/2007, 15h28
Very sorry to hear of the hard knocks coming your way. Life has a habit of dishing up a pile all at once it seems. I know (not as in think, believe, have a philosophy or some other psycho-babble, but as in know) that there is one that is closer than a brother and walks with me through the fires when the heat is at its worse. He is just a prayer away, and when I get too burnt out to hold on to Him, His grip never fails. His resume is right here (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?book_id=50&chapter=1&version=50) in the first 4 paragraphs.

About two years ago the last two members of my immediate family (bloodline) passed on within the space of a year. They (my mom and her sister) were living with me. Mom dissolved away slowly over the period of 5 years - Alzheimers is nasty. 'nuff misery... on to the celebrating of life, art and creation!

Yes, polyloop is having an invasion of wabbits... they are multiplying - an explosion of furry hoppers!! Wabbit mania.... :w00t:

crazy wabbit
19/05/2007, 15h31
Thanks Nate for the words of comfort.

Nate Owens
20/05/2007, 04h14

crazy wabbit
20/05/2007, 05h17
That is one groovey wabbit. Nate do you glue the whiskers for example or just place them into the face?

Nate Owens
20/05/2007, 05h29
Not doing anything fancy here.... just cruisin' and passing time.
Whiskers are just placed... this is quick stuff, not very accurate or detailed.
He's yer all-purpose wabbit: Makes toast, gets channel 4 and 8, has night vision and fetches the paper. Likes plutonium carrots.

crazy wabbit
20/05/2007, 05h30
Nate where will you texture him, are you going to export him to carrara?:w00t:

Nate Owens
20/05/2007, 05h40
This is ad-lib.... not sure he's going any further...?
He's kinda hi-tech low-budget, your plain ol' dull chrome bunny

crazy wabbit
20/05/2007, 05h45
He makes a good video game character.

20/05/2007, 17h05
how about wobowabbit:shiny:

20/05/2007, 18h49
I think I'm gonna have bunny-rabbit stew for dinner. :devil:

crazy wabbit
20/05/2007, 18h56
I think I'm gonna have bunny-rabbit stew for dinner. :devil:

Can I join in :hi:

Aunty Betty
21/05/2007, 21h19
Dear furry freakster, my advice to help creativity is to switch off the computer and do lots of sketching. Only when a sketch excites should you switch your computer back on. The desire to see your sketched idea come to life will bring it's own momentum with regard learning the techniques required to realise your artistic ambition.

How's that?

crazy wabbit
21/05/2007, 23h51
Aunty, I love your idea, you know only with age can someone like you get so smart and talented. Your the best. :wub:

Nate Owens
22/05/2007, 04h42
Atta girl!
The floozie is a doozie :dry: