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crazy wabbit
02/05/2007, 23h49
Here are some videos of me, I think I look good in them.



Pete Exxtreme
03/05/2007, 00h05
:w00t: Excellent : Poor wabbit : it's getting worse and worse at each episode ! His life as a dog wabbit... :hi:

03/05/2007, 00h06
You did all that? That's a lot of work, and I can't even finish a still. lol

03/05/2007, 01h41

the wabbits are very cool ! very crazy !


The concept it´s great!!!
The animation looks good jaja i love that dance

crazy wabbit
03/05/2007, 01h49
You guys really think I did all that?:ermm:

No, it is a video game. I just look like the main character.:hi:

I told you we are crazy


03/05/2007, 01h53
I need now a nintendo Wii

Nate Owens
03/05/2007, 20h39
You little wascal, you.
Metinks you is a stewed wabbit... :w00t:

crazy wabbit
03/05/2007, 21h09
Hello, yes me crazy wabbit.:hi:

04/05/2007, 00h04

08/05/2007, 19h54
You wabbits are dangerous. I realize it now.
I can not sleep anymore.

Snake 972
05/06/2007, 04h44
Very funny your animation!!! lol

What soft do you use ?

05/06/2007, 06h53
Back in the 1940s/early50s, in Australia, rabbits were the curse of the nation. (Still a serious problem) You had had to hit them out of the way with a stick to set the rabbit traps! (Europeans can not grasp the extent of the utter devestation to the landscape they caused)

I had ferrets, traps, dogs. We used to go spot light shooting at night. Go dab netting--you hop off the utility and run around behind the light and dab a net over the rabbit (in the dark!)

It was common to come back with 200 pairs and gut and skin them in the frost of the morning light. Trucks would come around twice a week to take the carcases to market. And every month or so we would take the dried skins to the buyer--made into common felt hats that everyone around the world wore!

Nowdays they are trying to use the calisi virus to minimise there numbers--with only small success. (The hours I have spent digging up warrens and/or poisoning them with WW11 gasses which nowadays would be banned!)

Rabbits are a curse to many places around the world. Bunny jokes often fall flat!

Bunnies--dead--were my pocket money!

(Just the "Other side" of rabbits!) SORRY!--YOU DID NOT WANT TO KNOW THAT!

crazy wabbit
05/06/2007, 14h29
(Just the "Other side" of rabbits!) SORRY!--YOU DID NOT WANT TO KNOW THAT!

I think i have developed a new liking for you. o_O

Snake 972
05/06/2007, 19h19
Now, no more person feel rabbits are sweet :p

05/06/2007, 19h22
Stewed rabbit, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm smells good!!!!:w00t:

crazy wabbit
05/06/2007, 20h37
Jesus said you should not harm wabbits. :wub:

05/06/2007, 21h26
Jesus said you should not harm wabbits. :wub:
So... what should we do with them? :p

crazy wabbit
05/06/2007, 21h44
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOTQHrCax3k&mode=related&search=You should love us to death.

05/06/2007, 22h15
A message from under my bed.....

crazy wabbit
06/06/2007, 00h39