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01/05/2007, 20h18
this was in ImagineFX magazine a few months back. they have it up on their web site now.


looks pretty scarry...for a wabbit anyway:w00t:

01/05/2007, 21h22
I saw that one, was pretty funny. :)

02/05/2007, 03h13
no doubt,
they take a photo from our crazy behzad to model theiir ( r) wabbit :w00t:
hey, crazy wabbit , i ' like to see you wright here ...


can we see your real teeth lol

crazy wabbit
02/05/2007, 05h07
Oh my dear friends, I wish you could hop with me between spring flowers.
I saw that picture and it is very bad, bad bad bad......
My poor fellow wabbits, they are being hunted for nothing, God help us.

Why not save the wabbits, why save the environment when things of such nature are happening everywhere.:~(

crazy wabbit
02/05/2007, 05h14

03/05/2007, 01h59
green too wabbit - you're favorite color

crazy wabbit
03/05/2007, 04h47
Yes green, but my fav choice is blue. I die for blue eyes.:heat:

03/05/2007, 10h08
Yes green, but my fav choice is blue. I die for blue eyes.:heat: