Voir la version complète : 3D Text in Maya (how?)

01/05/2007, 03h35
How to you put text on a geometric plane surface in 3D space?
How to you warp text onto a plane in 3D space? In other words, have it presented at an angle as if it were on a grid where the vertical lines converged to a vanishing point.
I have been playing with Maya and Photoshop inorder to create an icon for the Web 2.0 revamping of my website. Here is a rough sketch of what I am trying to do:
It is a pseudo-globe coming out of a box in a way that it looks like a gift for the user.
The pseudo-globe will look something like this
And the box will be something like this
The logo will be in 3D and the words "Complete" and "Translations" will appear as if they are printed on the floor where the box rests against the edges of the box.
I imagine this must be an easy thing for many people here to answer. How do I do this? I have the basic forms already in Maya in the 3D space. How do I put the letters on the floor?
Here, this is a better image of the converging lines I am talking about
In order to have the words "Complete" and "Translations" displayed like I want, the would have to be scewed the right way.