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16/04/2007, 04h06
G'day everybody.
I have recently undertaken my own project involving a children's website with cartooning lessons, a forum and a graphic novel or comic series of ongoing adventures.
I think I have bitten off more than I can chew and would appreciate help from a 3D scene and character builder who uses Cararra for the comic.
I have attached some files showing examples of the comic.
The two funny looking aliens are presently simple shapes without ears, hair, hands, feet or facial features. I simply position them for each panel, render them and finish it all off in photoshop.
If anyone is interested in building scenery and/or characters for this comic please let me know and I will send you some more information about storyline direction, possible methods of payment, etc.
You can check out part of the site at www.cartoonartclub.com

18/04/2007, 16h33
Are you planning to make it compleatly 3D. I don't work in Messiah but I di have a comic in the works also. Personally I have had little luck with facial rigging and have crude mockups for it in Messiah. Anyways looks like a cool project. I have a comic in the WIP finished works section.

19/04/2007, 00h35
It's good to see someone else experimenting with comics using 3D.
I agree with the other poster... square balloons cause the panels to lose a tiny bit of life and energy. Good concept of story. Have you done any more yet, or are you only experimenting?
I am not going to use only 3D. I prefer to keep the comic fairly 'traditional' in its look. I am a cartoonist and 3D models are simply too limited as characters (at least whenever I try to rig them). My main need is for scene builders at the moment.
I am even adding 'pen and ink' to my backgrounds to give them that 'drawn' look.
Thank you for your reply.