Voir la version complète : Uprgading nVidia drivers on PC notebooks

08/04/2007, 18h00
Notebook drivers for nVidia cards are rarely updated by the manufacturers. If you download the latest "Universal" driver from nVidia and try to install it you will usually see the message:

"nVidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."

Big help!

I found a web site that helped me understand and solve the issue which I will recommend to anyone else puzzled by this problem.


They have many modified drivers to choose from and what works for you will have to be determined by trial and error. Be sure to read their FAQ and follow their detailed instructions.

I was able to install drivers that SEEM (it will take lots of time to tell for sure) to have made Modo much more stable on my system (my main complaint with Modo was stability) so I am "one happy camper"!:)