Voir la version complète : So. Any of you french dudes have..

10/03/2007, 00h24
...one of these - http://www.nabaztag.com/ (or non-french dudes, like me). Or am I the only one that is a gadget addict :nerd:

My Chew rabbit is a french eccentric just as much as Hex is lol

10/03/2007, 00h42
Oh, this definately calls for a contest. Best dwessed wabbit. ;)

10/03/2007, 10h03
I seems to be a global communication center / mail/ radio/ news/ blogs/ messages/ etc.
I like it a lot but I won't enter the lapin (rabbit) community yet. :p

10/03/2007, 14h10
i have one, one ear is missing my dog fall in love with.