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09/03/2007, 00h35
I am buying New PC and can t decide if 17 or 19 inches big monitor and LCD or CRT?
I heard that CRT monitor is better for CG .
What are you using for monitor and LCD or CRT ?


09/03/2007, 00h49
I use a 19" LCD and love it, alot more desk space. My old 19" CRT was HUGE. I can't tell any noticable difference graphics wise. I got one with an 8ms response time but that is mainly for gaming.

09/03/2007, 13h56
I'm using a Panasonic HD (1280x720) projector and I'm a big freak.

09/03/2007, 14h22
You don't need the better refresh rate of a CRT for cg, the only thing they do is eat up desk space and produce lots of heat if they are stuffed in a enclosed computer desk.

I have a 19" lcd and it works great:happy:

09/03/2007, 15h08
I prefer a 17" LCD that a 19", because of the resolution which is the same and i don't like too big icons, but it's only a personal point of view. I own a 17 LCD as dual screen at home with a 21" LCD and at work, two 20" LCD
For the color calibration it's the same between a low entry LCD and CRT. If you want something good for your colors, by an Eizo LCD monitor :)

09/03/2007, 16h43
:) An Eizo monitor ... If you have money they are incredible !!! I want one !! or 2 :)

09/03/2007, 17h59
I have a 20inch lcd monitor Viewsonic VP2030b and a 17inch lcd LG L1780Q so 1600x1200 and 1280x1024

Personnaly, I think that a resolution of 1600x1200 is better, I find 1280x1024 really too small. :ohmy::p

I had a 22inch crt monitor before, a Iiyama HM204DT (well, I still have it but don't use it oO) and really, I (and my eyes) don't regret having lcd monitors now lol

09/03/2007, 23h05
I'm with Thomas about the 17" LCD. You pay more for a 19" but don't get any more pixels! Until recently I used 2 17" panels running at 1280x1024 but missed the extra pixels of my old 1600 x 1200 Iiyama CRT.

When buying an LCD for graphics use look for one with an S-IPS panel. These provide the best colours but are a little slower if you want to play games.

I have just replaced one of my 17" LCDs with a 21" and I'm loving having 1600 x 1200 screen space again :)

10/03/2007, 19h01
Guys, I read a bunch of articles saying that CRTs are better from LCD for CG work.
You dont agree?

10/03/2007, 19h19
If you work a lot of Hours non stop ... Take a LCD because your eyes .

If you want to have more space on your desk ... Take a LCD.

If you want to have more than 1 monitor in front of you ... Take a lcd, because your eyes and space on your desk .

If you search a matte screen to avoid mirror effect .. take a LCD but not a sony LCD.

I you want good colors space, buy Eizo LCD , or if you haven't the money search on magazine or website LCD benchmark . They analyse colors space, dead pixel, refresh rate ...

But, you can prefer CRT screen. Some people prefer how CRT are lighter than LCD.

But personnaly and professionaly, i prefer LCD, because i work more than 10H per Day 7 day per week , because every people now buy LCD and i want the same to know how looks my work on this sort of screen, Because TV are now LCD and my films are diffuse on them , because it's take less space on my desk and i need 4 monitors in front of me And also, because LCD are nice , flat and matte .

11/03/2007, 00h18
So why the heck they always say CRT?!
Seems that you gave all the votes to LCD.

11/03/2007, 10h25
... I can' give you the answer .
Ask to people wich prefer CRT why ?

11/03/2007, 11h33
Maybe because some years ago, it was not possible to calibrate the lcd ?

Plus, a very good Price/quality ratio
Plus no dead-pixel problem.
I think that now, we can turn the crt page.
So some people are still thinking that crt are the best.
(I was one of them not more than a year ago)
Anyway, the best tft are still expensive

11/03/2007, 11h41
So why the heck they always say CRT?!
Seems that you gave all the votes to LCD.

For a long time LCDs could not give the same colour quality as a CRT, at any price.

However, technology has moved on and top quality LCDs designed for colour work can hold their own against CRTs designed for the same task. On top of that they take up less desk space, are cooler and use less power. The downside is that an equivalent quality LCD will cost more than a CRT. The other problem is actually finding a good CRT for sale these days.

Having said that there are a lot of LCDs designed for games that are not suitable for graphics use. Like anything else you need to need to do a bit of research to see what you can get for your budget.

I like my LCDs and, although my new 21"" LCD is not quite as good as my old Iiyama CRT, I would not want to go back to the CRT simply because of the size and heat.

11/03/2007, 18h08
Guys what are your opinions on Samsungs LCDs?

11/03/2007, 18h31
Guys what are your opinions on Samsungs LCDs?

Samsung have a good reputation. They use PVA technology rather than S-IPS.

I wanted to post this link before but only just found it again, anyway for a description of the different panel types and some recommendations try here:


I went for the HP LP2065 but I think HP have changed the panel type. Just as a note to anyone looking to buy an LCD. Manufacturers change the panel type without changing the model number. This means that you can think you're buying a particular type of panel and get something else.

I suggest making sure you can return the monitor if necessary.

12/03/2007, 13h49
Should we watch the monitors in the gaming pannel or...

12/03/2007, 14h00
Should we watch the monitors in the gaming pannel or...

Panels made for gaming are focussed on speed rather than correct colour display.

For graphics work look for 'Accurate color/gamma curve' sections on the page I linked.

If you want to game as well then you'll need to find the fastest one with Accurate color/gamma curve as well.

12/03/2007, 14h17
Well, Im not into gamming at all, but Im doing a lot of CAD and rendering so, witch section to look?
Can you take a look at this models I have in my strore.
Wich model would you reccomend?

12/03/2007, 14h29
Well, Im not into gamming at all, but Im doing a lot of CAD and rendering so, witch section to look?
Can you take a look at this models I have in my strore.
Wich model would you reccomend?

Well, unfortunately, I never looked at Samsung panels when I was researching my own purchase. So, I can't really tell you which one's are good for what you need. I would not want you to get a panel on my recommendation and then not be happy with it!

You'll need to look at the specifications and try to find reviews of the ones you are thinking of buying. As I said, for graphics, look for panels that have accurate colour/gamut.

Sorry can't be of more help.

12/03/2007, 14h32
CRT easier pick!

12/03/2007, 14h33
CRT easier pick!

Yes, I would agree with that :(

12/03/2007, 15h18
This is my way since some years now:
If you want a professionnal quality, buy something made for professionnal.

Gaming or Multimedias screen are correct to work , but not so good.

I've buy some Dell monitors, because Dell sell a lot for CAD and CG professionnal. They build a lot of very good CG workstation and people wich buy this sort of computer ( understand here very expansive computer with a lot of ram, the biggest CPU and biggest QUadro ) can't accept a bad monitors.

I'm working for movies ( TV and cine ) And i find this monitors really good for this work. With 1 button you can choose wich color space and Gamma you want : PC; MAC ; Multimedia ( understand here movie ) ; Games .

the feets of the screen are good and easy to setup . Monitors can flip from horizontal to vertical . You can put them on a wall easly . You have some USB2 on the side .

You can connect 4 or more sources on only one ( PC and Svideo ). you can have a little window somewere on your screen to show you others sources.
Only 1 button is needed to choose wich sources you want at full screen .

No one have dead pixel for me .

So i'm very happy with them. But maybe you work for print. And for Print the better are Eizo . Because some of them have a hardware calibrator and are sensitive to the ambiant light of your room. This is very expansive and no so many people have this to work.

The problem if you have to much good monitors is that your client don't see the same picture than you.

I've calibrated my Dell screen with a hardware tool.
Sometimes i'm working to do photorealistic rendering for design product. Client ask gold, silver, pink gold .... I'm serious and do realistic gold colors ...
But my client have a lot of different monitors wich are not calibrated.
Depending on wich monitors he saw my render, he ask me : please your gold must be less green . with an other monitor , more green ...

If you have an eizo, you can say at your client, you monitors sucks !
if not, you rework your picturs to satisfy your client :)

11/07/2007, 13h13
What do you think on this one?

11/07/2007, 21h44
I also would like to ask some advice. I use two 19" viewsonic LCD monitors and I can switch between single screen SLI mode or dual screen mode. I have two 7900gts in sli. Most of the time I work in dual screen for the real estate, so I can have hex or maya open in one screen and photoshop or PSP in the other. Now I notice that although I have two screens, the applications dont run evenly on both. For instance I can only run Hex or Maya viewports in the primary screen although Paint shop Pro and other programs run quite happily on either screen. Also I can drag some panels from hex and they work quite happily in the second screen. With Maya it is big pain because the really usefull panels like renderview, hypershade etc that I want on the second display dont update until they are moved back on to the primary screen. As my screens are 1280 X1024 is not a big realestate to run maya in. I think I read somewhere that it is a limitation of open GL, maybe someone can enlighten me, I only pseudo-techie :)

Now generally I am quite happy with my setup for modelling, photoshop etc. I really dont really need more than 19" for that, but for other applications I would like more screen, not essential, but getting more needed. I have been looking at the Dell monitors 24,27 and 30". I would like the 30" but unfortunately I have not won the Lotto this week :( it is $US1500 with big resolution 2560 X 1600, :ohmy: big enough to land an F18 on!

The 27" doesnt have any more resolution than the 24" 1920 X 1200 and is a lot more expensive so doesnt seem that worthwhile except to help the poor old eyes screwed up at 2am in morning. So am looking at 24" at $US800. This monitor also has the smallest pixel pitch so I hope icons not too small. I hope this big enough to run Maya in better without having to spread to 19" I think I still run it in dual screen mode. What do you think? My cards are only 256M maybe I need more memory to run screens this big? Maybe I wait another year until 30" price come down more, and I run in single screen sli mode only, it is not essential I make decision now and maybe I have more money next year, and I upgrade to 16X quadcore boxx....Not sure what to do.... maybe nothing :(

Long ramble really but what i suppose I am asking is what setup would other people see as ideal. (Please note, it is not question about artistic talent at all, I know some people only need back of match box and old stub of pencil and hair they have plucked from bottom to make masterpiece, but I need all the help I can get)

12/07/2007, 23h45

I run 2 Viewsonic VX2025 20" widescreens at 1680x1050, using DVI. I have found it to be a very good setup for the price. I am thinking of a pair of 24" widescreens in the very near future... I'll probably use the same resolution, for less eye fatigue.

whatever you do go widescreen, it makes a HUGE difference in tool palate real estate.

As for color correction. save your money on the screen and get a Spider or a Huey. They can bring a relatively cheap monitor right into calibration.

13/07/2007, 23h58

I guess I'm the odd man out here...CRT. I use LCD's at work, and I've used other LCD's. Every single LCD I've ever used or looked at (re: down at display in the store) have looked "fuzzy" overall....especially with regards to text. There is simply no compairison there for me.

My Compaq QVISION 210 21" CRT has been working flawlessly since I bought it...about 10 years ago. It isn't as sharp as it used to be, but it is still sharper than any LCD I've used. The colors are a *bit* off, but the size, speed and crispness I get far outweigh the desire for something that sucks up less power (re: an LCD).

So, that's one vote for CRT! :)

16/07/2007, 14h46
I like Samsung, I have one setup with dual 19" Samsung LCDs and another setup with a 22" wide format Samsung LCD , which I got for $300.00.