Voir la version complète : Zbrush 2 on Vista

06/03/2007, 05h21
Does anyone else here own Zbrush 2 aswell as some form of Vista?

Because I own a laptop and I decided it was going to be the test rat of my new Microsoft Vista : Home Prenium I bought. Well I found all my old doc's but Zbrush 2 is one of the only things that is not working on my Laptop.

Do I need so start searching drawers for my Installation CD's of Zbrush or am I missing something?

Arrow Studios

06/03/2007, 08h13
Zbrush2 does not work on 64 bits sytem with more than 2Gig of ram (and vista), I think you should take a look here and install zbrush 64bits ( or to wait for Zbrush3 (May 15th) :happy:

08/03/2007, 08h31
Guess I'm going to have to wait until Zbrush 3 to do Zbrush modeling on my laptop again. I hope that the price will not be as high as Zbrush 2's price upon first realse.
But seeing how powerful of a tool it is why not over price it? I just hope I can afford it after buying Hex 2...