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04/03/2007, 21h59
Does anyone know where you can purchase used licenses for software at a reasonable price? Like maybe a XSI license? I once purchased Flash MX on Ebay for 35$, and it was completely legitiment. Only problem was it was for a Mac and not a PC. But it gives me a hell of a lot off on an upgrade.

05/03/2007, 13h36
It is up to the maker of the software. Some companies are OK with transferring license others forbid it. Newtek I know is pretty good about it. Autodesk is pretty against it other companies I don't know. XSI is a microsoft product so you figure that out yourself. I heard the dongle and the regestration is arduous for XSI but the software itself is a good deal.

05/03/2007, 15h39
That's pathetic that some companies don't allow the transfer of licenses. How does that even make sense?

05/03/2007, 17h42
Microsoft has never owned XSI. Avid bought Softimage from Microsoft years ago and they developed XSI. It's all moot anyway as I don't think they allow license transfers either, from what I've heard.

It makes sense because the company makes nothing from the sale, and they're obligated to provide discount upgrades as well.

I'm surprised that Adobe allowed you to upgrade a second-hand Flash license, that's a nice find.

06/03/2007, 03h00
they provide the transfer application for such a transaction. and yes, it worked out awesome.