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23/02/2007, 17h03
Does anyone have any experience with these controllers? With Carrara or Hexagon?


23/02/2007, 19h19
No experience. But typically these devices are great for doing "fly-through" to view a model or scene. Architects love them. but i don't think it adds much benefit to modeling in Hex because then your hand is off the keyboard and you will have to move your arm to access the hotkeys... Perhaps it would be good for flying through Carrara scenes... I've been thinking to get the cheap-o model, but seems a bit unnecessary to add another device on my desk...


25/02/2007, 20h20
I think architects love the programmable buttons too. I recall reading some positive things about these programmable keyboards:

There are other manufacturers with similar products, and there's even some models with an illuminated graphical LCD built into each key!

I have not used any of the motion controller type of products. I am curious how they feel as compared to the first "Spaceball", now more than a decade old. I don't think think the "Spaceball" type is produced anymore now that 3Dconnexion has switched to a newer design.

Spatial Freedom has recently released the Astroid at $150, which looks similar to the Spaceball and is designed by the inventor of the first Spaceball. It's got 8 programmable buttons like the Space Navigator. It does not have a lot of software support yet, being limited Solid Edge and SolidWorks. I believe Pro-E, Inventor, and Rhino will be next.

Perhaps if enough Hex users contacted Spatial Freedom and the Hex developers, we could get a driver for Hex.

25/02/2007, 21h16
Thanks for the link to xkeys. It looks like they can handle "up" and "down" key events so one could make an ALT key toggle, for instance. A little on the pricey side though.:unsure:

25/02/2007, 22h24
Yeah, the xkeys are a little pricey, although the article i read indicated their quality was better. I saw a listing from another vendor for a small 16 key version for less than half the cost of the similar xkeys model. I guess if I wanted one of these I'd get a comparable model from a few different vendors, try them out, keep the one with the best price/performance ration and return the others.

26/02/2007, 05h54
I use a nostromo n52


I got it for gaming but it is great for hex, c5, photoshop etc. you can set different profiles for each software and it also has programmable macro's for the multiple key strokes like CTRL+SHFT+S for incremental save in hexagon. It has 16 buttons, a scroll wheel/button and a directional D pad that are all programmable. I have had mine for going on 3 years and love it. Hardly ever touch the keyboard.

26/02/2007, 15h20

That is certainly a cost effective solution. Thanks for the link and advice.

23/05/2008, 13h40
I have 3DConnexion 3D Mouse and I have Hexagon, Carrara and Daz studio. Hexagon has built in support but you need to tweak the setting to get it to work correctly. Carrara does not have any support for this mouse, but Daz studio has a third party plugin that is available by developer Matt Sorrells of Pontari productions. It is called Camera control here is the link -->

Hope this helps

Have fun:hi: