Voir la version complète : Thomas?

20/02/2007, 11h22
Is there any reason why my manage attachment file icon is now gone? I think it may have disapeared after the poolyloop transfer or did I exceed my attachment limit?

20/02/2007, 17h16
Please, post me a screenshot of your Reply window which includes the options down the editor window


21/02/2007, 12h38
Thanks for responding but I can not post a screen shot because the manage attachment icon is not there anymore. Other than that it looks the same.

21/02/2007, 13h07
I am using a little over 10 MB to store 54 attachments. Is that the problem?

21/02/2007, 16h01
Use this system anyway:

No upload limit restrictions for the members (or I'm not aware of that :))

22/02/2007, 04h58
over to the left of "Additional Options" there is a "Show"/"hide" toggle. You didn't miss that, did you?

22/02/2007, 13h17

I uploaded my image with the link you provided. I hope you can take a look at at my image. I do not know why I do not get the attachment icon as of now. I used to post attachments all the time.


22/02/2007, 14h16
For what I see, you have an error while loading the image (downl left of your browser.
I check the same url with IE, I don't have it...

Can you double click on the small icon with the "!" on it and copy past the error message ?

Do you allow javascript?

23/02/2007, 10h28
Thanks Thomas for helping. I am not sure what Java script is. I have heard of it but I would not know what I did to make me get an error. I can not see the icon with this "!" in the screen image.

24/02/2007, 00h01
the corner down-left of your picture, on te left of the rl of the window

24/02/2007, 12h29
I think I uploaded what you need with the link you provided.

25/02/2007, 13h37
Thomas, did you have time to look at the new upload?

25/02/2007, 15h59
sorry, I'm at 800kms from my house on a tradeshow, hen, I don't have access to my PC... (and with a limited internet acces...)

25/02/2007, 18h08
Does the button shows up after you reload the page ??? I heard some IE users have problems with rendering it the first time.

Sometimes problem goes away if you reset security level to default. For the sake of things you could install FireFox2 and try, I bet it will not happen there :)

25/02/2007, 22h37
All the other websites work except this one. It used to work great.

26/02/2007, 18h41
I changed nothing in the code and i don't see what makes this problem happen...
Is is the same in another browser (Opera, Firefox ?)

26/02/2007, 22h19
I only have Internet Explorer.

27/02/2007, 01h45
Have you updated to the current version of IE. That may help.