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19/02/2007, 06h02
This is my cluttered desktop, which changes pretty well daily, but can anyone --

1. Tell me what I am REALLY missing in my stuff?

2. Show there own, perfect, simple, desk top array!

just something for fun moments thoughts.

Brian Rohde

19/02/2007, 18h13
This is my cluttered desktop, which changes pretty well daily, but can anyone --

1. Tell me what I am REALLY missing in my stuff?

2. Show there own, perfect, simple, desk top array!

just something for fun moments thoughts.

Brian Rohde

1. A folder for unused desktop iconslol

19/02/2007, 19h54
That's a lot of shortcut and folder !

Here is mine on my laptop

19/02/2007, 20h11
Here's mine. I also find it's difficult to locate the correct icon, but for a completely different reason :shiny: ...


20/02/2007, 02h19
KevinSp. I really DID have one of those at one time!. I regularly close down or delete apps and there shortcuts and, what do you know, the next day that is exactly what I need to solve a problem!

Very envious of thos who can keep a neat desktop.

20/02/2007, 08h13
I know how you feel. I have to clean mine off constantly. I'm actually trying out some of Litestep shells for some different desktop setups.

20/02/2007, 13h05
heres mine Brian :shiny:


20/02/2007, 13h24
Stu I'de be afraid to switch it on in case I broke something.

Much, much too crystal clear!

20/02/2007, 18h40
Stu I'de be afraid to switch it on in case I broke something.

Much, much too crystal clear!

hehehe i have a tidy brain :shiny: you should see my external drives those are all organised, folders with sub folders etc
all neat and tidy.

fun thread bud:happy:


21/02/2007, 00h02
Here is mine ! :w00t:
Quite different and "minimalist" :p

On "Wall paper" an exercise in Blender2.42 (i have to work much more to obtain what i can do in Carrara 5 pro) :ohmy:

I do Have more than 100 softwares o_O on my computer, everything is very organised (it's really important when you want to go fast !) :blush: :hi:

21/02/2007, 00h19
You won't believe it of course, but my cluttered desktop is designed so I can work fast! For example I have those shortcuts which take me directly to the apps folders in the programme files (which I regularly access).

Diego, I have NEVER seen a screen that clean before. WOW!

21/02/2007, 02h51
I have been looking at my oldest sons desktop,he is 52, it's much like mine!

Then I had a look at one of my grandsons desktop. I am tidy!

Now there is a comment that someone is SURE to make on this post!

21/02/2007, 09h00
I do have access to all my favourite apps with "Dashboard" :shiny: and or the "Dock" :w00t: on my Mac with a simple "glide", so it prevents my desktop to be full with too much shortcuts icons :happy:

21/02/2007, 09h16
Shall we put that on the list that Mac owners have a cheat sheet for shortcuts then!

22/02/2007, 05h03
I wouldn't really call it a cheat...more like an advantage hehe! o_O

thats the dock at the bottom. it's only visible when you pass your cursor near the Bottom of th screen...then it pops up.

23/02/2007, 13h49
Hey mind is pretty cluttered too. Mine is like a messy desk things I use all the time wher eI need them new stuff floating around. I can still find things. I live in China and ca't read Chinese my wife is Chinese so there is two different languages on the computer and her stuff and my stuff. I keep recent pics I did as desktops. I use it as a test for the picture. I leave it up a day see if I want to change it.

23/02/2007, 13h56
Dann-o we are alike in two ways then. I change the desk top images about once a week. Usually it's my latest 3D creation--if it's not good enough it's replaced pretty quickly and gets put into a 2nds folder.

Though I would call your desktop very neat.

23/02/2007, 15h26
Yeah I did see your desktop and go wow. Everyone else is very minimalist which is good too but I like to have quick access to a few new things I am trying out and photo's I want to print. Also I like seeign what I have been doing I often pick out a problem after a day or so and rework it.

15/03/2007, 23h53
Well well, the one with the laptop

16/03/2007, 05h10
Piem. It took me a while to focus and find that you DID have some app icons on your screen.

My son is about to give me a very up to date,fast, computer and asked me what I REALLY wanted to be loaded in.

Photoshop and Carrara5Pro.

Now thats a VERY clean screen!

16/03/2007, 13h28
In fact there is also 13 apps on the quick launch bar. (hexagon, adobe etc..)

16/03/2007, 15h20

here's mine...
With Ubuntu 6.1..Bye Bye Windows!..
http://forums.polyloop.net/imagehosting/thum_52845fa99633155b.png ('http://forums.polyloop.net/vbimghost.php?do=displayimg&imgid=331')

06/01/2008, 07h57
Haven't posted in a while. Well, lol not since july 07 lol. The picture of me is so out of date anyways heres my desktop:



06/01/2008, 08h57
Hhhhmmmnnnn---I don't think the nose and chin job worked so well!

18/02/2008, 17h10
hay, here is my desktop, not orgenized at all :blush2:,but i find every think i need, speasialy at the lunch barlol.(sorry for the deleted area)
hope you have best than this crap.:shiny:

08/03/2008, 02h03
I'm somewhat organized. On the old computer, not at all, but on my new one, I've got a organized system (still messy).

I don't know how anyone can keep a clean desktop...

08/03/2008, 02h33
Here is my laptop, a little more than usual. I usually just have a column on each side.

09/03/2008, 08h05

i saw this thread and thought of me... i used to have a cluttered desktop.. couldnt find anything...

but i use an app called truelaunchbar which helps keep everything nice and tidy....

my desktop at work however is a different thing altogether...



09/03/2008, 10h47
This is my current desktop.
You will know the award winning image from CG Talk---it inspires me every day!

09/03/2008, 17h35
Here's my desktop - I have 2 monitors, screen 1 is 1600x1200 and screen 2, which is on the right hand side, is 1280x1024

screen 1
screen 2

19/05/2008, 08h13
hope im not too late to post my desktop,i had always wondered how others treat their desktops......i use the rocketdock to keep my desktop from cluttering up,background images are always tests of my current projects,folders are the most important ones the main clutter comes from some audio files being used by cubase(haven't moved them yet but will and it will definitely make it cleaner! :shiny: ) i work in all media(music production,recording,mixing and audio editing,sound design,scoring movies,2d and 3D,writing,screenplays and the whole works!!!!!!!)
NOTE:the RocketDock and taskbar are not always visible only when i glide over them,i locked them to show you how i organize the desktop

19/05/2008, 08h43
I guess this could be a perpetual thread?

You people who can keep tidy desktops amaze me!

After HUGE modifications, this is what I have---today anyway!