Voir la version complète : No OpenGL in Vista?

06/02/2007, 21h06
I have heard that Vista has no support for OpenGL. Is this true? Wouldn't that be bad news for lots of 3d apps?:ohmy:

Pete Exxtreme
06/02/2007, 21h16
I think you have an OPENGL ICD (Instalable Client Driver) provided for their own card by ATI and Nvidia... not sure about it... :)

07/02/2007, 08h47
This was reported early in Vista Beta and caused a lot of unecessary hype, both Nvida and ATI said they would have it addressed before release.

07/02/2007, 15h28
Thanks for the clarification, gentlemen! Probably going to stick with XP anyhow.

07/02/2007, 18h03
I will too, I remember Win-ME and actually got one... never again. ;)
I'll wait until the first service pack is out at least and then get 4 new machines for the company and demote the old p-4's to render farm material.

08/02/2007, 00h57
I am seeing a lot of horrible Vista reports popping up in the rhino forums. What is so wonderful about Vista anyway? I have no problems running XP Pro on all my apps. So no reason to change. Bill Gates does not need my money...