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Zoef de Haas
05/02/2007, 13h51

Just booted using Hexagon2. This software is indeed intuitive!
I'm also trying to get a grip on Blender and (incidentally) Wings3d.
Found a lot of info on this forum so I thought I'd sign in to join and perhaps contribute. My drive is to get a grip on the handles of the three tools I just mentioned. I really want to be able to shape my thoughts without having to flip through a zillion manual pages. It will be a tough job I realise, but hey .. you've got to have a goal in life :)
My final goal (for now) is to be able to give a digital existence to my thoughts in such a way that I can create (short) animations. I think Hexagon2 (or Wings3d) is to be used to shape things and Blender has to be used to animate.

By the way .. does anybody know if Blender has a 'soft selection' handle like Hexagon2, or something that looks or behaves like it?

Well, hoping for a fruitful relationship.


07/02/2007, 12h15

Blender is nice...and they constantly impress me with their tools. However, Blender is like some alien language; it doen't work "the same as everyone else" in many ways. If you're planning to just use Blender for animation/rendering, it migh be easier...but I forsee many headaches if you try and add in modeling in Blender. It's methods, capabilities, hot-keys, etc. are pretty different from the normal ones that Hex, Wings and pretty much every other 3d software out there.

I don't know how to use Blender. I just picked up the $15 PDF of the 2.3(?) manual and am planning to go through it. I normally use Softimage (3D and now XSI; my software of choice for the last 10 years or so), but like where Blender is headed. And for the low low price of FREE, that's hard to beat! :)

Zoef de Haas
08/02/2007, 08h48
I also have a 2.3 manual of Blender and it really helped. But some of the interface has changed in 2.42 so not all button are where that manual says they should be. Still it was very useful to me and the changes in the locations of the buttons are (more or less) logical and once you get the idea you will be able to locate them all.

BTW: I noticed on their website that version 2.43 RC3 has a sculpting thingy so maybe that 'replaces' the softselection.

But anyhow, I also begin to realize that modeling is not the strongest part of Blender (yet) but it is a great free (!) animation tool and by blending Hexagon2 and Blender features you get a great mix.