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04/02/2007, 20h33

I found this forum while following mark bremmer around after his chat at artzone. I currently use Poser 7, Bryce 6, Carrara 5, and Hexagon 2 for 3d stuff. I've been using poser and bryce for some time, but carrara and hexagon are still quite new to me. Needing to learn to model in them also brings me to this forum.

04/02/2007, 23h21
Have a look at the Tutorials here-excellent. I think you may have to post once or twice first, but then you get access to the full resource files of the 3dExtract enzine which is full of very brilliant tutorials.

And welcome to my favaourite Carrara/Hexagon site.

05/02/2007, 00h14
Already started. Was going to write post re: kagi's tutorial which I've printed out and am getting ready to try... But had to wait for this first reply to be accepted.:shiny: what is 3dextract enzine?

05/02/2007, 06h12
It was a monthly on line 3D "magazine" (Enzine) full of tutes. Went for a couple of years and is now still available here. Very worthwhile to download all the stuff.

05/02/2007, 06h17

You are able to access now I think