Voir la version complète : This can't be legitimate?

27/01/2007, 23h12
I got an e-mail from someone telling me of all this cheap software. The site is quatro-oem.com. This would be too good to be true. Anyone ever heard of this site ?

27/01/2007, 23h34
N.E.V.E.R. trust somebody who want to make buizness without knowing you.
Express flight to da Garbage Can.

The first contact was just spam you know. Now the site is a semi illegal (or totally illegal) site..I'm pretty sure that Adobe is NOT ok with all this prices nor all the rest.

oem are usually not a good thing anyway. maybe it's just some demos ^^

27/01/2007, 23h52
I wrote to Adobe..we'll see if all this is really "legal"

Oh.. a last tip: DO NOT put a single cent and "a fortiori" do not give single number of your credit card in this site...Until Adobe or an other editor says: yes , they are patented and accredited as vendors!

The first evidence of an illegal site, to me, is that there is no valid REAL adress on this Earth.
obviously this is coming from who knows!! LOL

..but beware, they could make cry a lot of naive people.
And the more comic is the T.O.S ..when they are talking about the FBI :p

28/01/2007, 15h49
Yea that's what I thought too.

28/01/2007, 17h06
even if you find a website who is posting free versions of cracked software, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT. I've heard some stories of really nasty bugs that will mess up your system. In fact, i wouldn't be surprised if software companies put these things out there just to slap people on the hand as a warning...