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21/01/2007, 22h31

I seek somebody wishing to sell his software Metacreations Infinite-D 4.5 or one Web site which sells this old software.

I make a game on Director 8.5 (MacOS9) and this software would be perfect for my project!

Thank you in advance

22/01/2007, 00h17
I think you will have to search the antiques shops for that one?

And, would those old ones work on your computer anyway?

22/01/2007, 00h18
Hello :)
Maybe can you go directly to see Daz..because I think that there is an interresting offer for Carrara basic .. not far from a ridiculous price.
Don't you know that Carrara 1 was a merge of Infinite and ray dream ..which don't exist anymore.

err;;Now we are waiting for Carrara 6 ^^

22/01/2007, 01h00
Thank you for your reply!

How is Carrara Basic 2 VS Infini-D 4.5?
Carrara 2 Basic and Infini-D 4.5 have a vertex object editor or it is only since Carrara 1.0?

Thank you

22/01/2007, 05h17
No vertex in Basic!

Go for Standard or Pro--the bargain steal of the century! REALLY!

23/01/2007, 10h38

I think if you try the demo of Carrara 5 you will like it.

23/01/2007, 19h42

I have bought Carrara 5 Standard :w00t:

Thank you for your replys!

But, I am always interesting by Infini-D :)