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20/01/2007, 01h36
I just thought I'd share this message I got from CGSphere.com

Dear, Couerl;

We are pleased to inform you that several new major site enhancements have been made to take CGSphere.com to the next level!

The details page
The details page (the page displayed when you click on a thumbnail) has been completely redesigned resulting in a significantly improved layout and functionality. The page has now been broken down into sub-menus, each of which presents the submission's details in a clear and concise manner. Some of the new improvements are as follows:

A new look and feel resulting in easier navigation
Forward and Back buttons for browsing other submissions from within details page
A new dedicated section for all comments similar in layout and functionality to standard PHPBB forums: (quoting, smilies, urls, bold, italic, style, etc.)
Ability for a submission's artist to reply to comments
Ability for the artist or user to report abusive comments to the admins
A dedicated listing of all ratings cast for that submission, by whom and when
A new dedicated profile section displaying visible information about the artist
A gallery listing of a particular artist's other submissions within their profile
The rating system
The rating system has undergone significant changes in order to make the rating process fairer. Some of the new improvements are as follows:

The rating slider will now move to the submission's average score to prevent 'accidental 0 ratings'
If a submission has not been rated yet, the slider will set itself to 5 by default
All ratings below the overall average will have to be commented*.
All ratings of '0' from all submissions will be flushed during this update
All ratings below the overall average will have to be commented.
Anonymous rating is no longer available. Your username will be visible when casting a vote or leaving a comment
Server now tracks users repeatedly casting low votes and notifies admins*If you rate '4.5' on a submission that has a '5.8' average you'll have to leave a comment of at least 30 characters explaining why.

My Account
There is a new option made available: My Files.
This option allowes you not only to upload (backup) your data, update it any time you want, and download it when you need it. But it also allowes you to share your files with other CGSphere.com users. Some of the new functions are as follows:

Backup your source files (PDF, ZIP, DOC, PSD, max. 5MB)
Manage, update, delete and download your files and any time you like
Share your files (Tutorials, Scenes, Materials, Textures) with other CGSphere.com users
Still to come:

Gallery will now remember your settings for "View Results By:", "Display Results By:" and "Browse By Category:"
Ability to filter by favorites
Powerful search engine
Archives for past months
Featured artists
Theme based contests with prizes
Important reminders
Please remember that CGSphere.com is meant to be a fun and creative hub for digital artists to enjoy and learn from. Abuse of any kind, whether it is related to ratings or comments, will not be tolerated and such users will have their accounts permanently deleted without notice. Please treat others with respect as you would like to be treated.

An unacceptable and abusive comment: "This is crap."
An acceptable and non-abusive comment: "The lighting could be more dramatic - using blue lights could create a darker mood."
We hope you enjoy the new features we've worked hard to implement and we look forward to seeing even more fantastic submissions in 2007!

Kind regards,
The CGSphere.com Team.

2006 Richard Rosenman & Michael

I for one am glad they are addressing the rating system there, but I'm wondering now if it just makes the problem the opposite of what it was. Now maybe people will be afraid to score you low if your image is crappy because you'll see who gave you the crappy score and have a chance at payback! ;)

I really liked this project and think overall they did a cool thing, but I'm wondering if there's a better way?
Grendel pointed out having a panel and maybe that's best or maybe no ratings like here at Polyloop is best or maybe sort them by how many views or hits an image gets? I dunno in the end, but I do like this kind of thing and learned a lot from participating. I'm curious to know your thoughts.


20/01/2007, 23h44
hehe. I don't think I'll have a problem at all leaving my comment on a low rating.

23/01/2007, 01h22
hi steve,
in my experience a ratings system is doomed to failure and ends up as little more than a popularity contest, the payback function which after all is just human nature generally takes care of this plus you have the flip side which is you give me a good rating ill give you one scenario which invalidates the whole point of rating, the final result is usually "this is a great image" for all images
a Select gallery or Gallery of fame is the best way to go as it gives poeple a target to strive for and is as a rule unbiased
a Select gallery or Hall of fame are usully done using a panel of judges i agree with that, images are selected and voted upon by the the judges.
seems a better way to go to me

just my thoughts

23/01/2007, 01h40
I'd say that traditionally you are correct. I was just thinking in order for ratings to actually do what their supposed to do what it might take?

For instance, maybe you can't see any of the details like author, software used etc until you actually rate it.

23/01/2007, 01h59
id say a new gallery would need to be created , the rest is just code.
still dont see it will work though bud i may be wrong on that though.
nature will find a way, human nature :) members will simply site or email thier buds to go vote on their images


23/01/2007, 02h03
Ya, you're prolly right, but in the end its a shame because i do think it's a good way to see how you're coming along and how your stuff stacks up against the pack etc...

23/01/2007, 02h17
no probably about it bud :) ive seen it done at other sites many times.
i agree its a shame but theres life:(

that said a "Select Gallery" selection squad chosen from active users who voulenteer is a good idea.
a select gallery works by submission and selection which i feel is more indication of how far you progress than having people vote for you.
select gallerys have a different criteria to ratings gallerys.