Voir la version complète : Test a video for me please!

16/01/2007, 16h25

Please, can you all download the file in attachment and when the zip file is extracted, double click on the html file to watch the video.
It's a Flash video, then, you need to have the flash plugin.

If I ask you about that, it's because I have a problem with this video, and the Techsmith tech support say that they don't have the problem. Well, what is the problem? : when watching this video, you will see callout, and when they will display, you will have to click on it to continue the video. On all my browsers and computers, on some callout, I have to click twice (or more), or sometimes, I have to click again when the callout has disappear.

Please, can you test this video (in french sorry) and tell me if it works perfectly or if you have the problem?

Test it online too, to have a comparaison (not the same results for me!)

Download (http://www.amapi.net/tutorials/selection.zip)
Online (http://www.amapi.net/tutorials/selection/add_remove_selection_mode.html)


16/01/2007, 19h54
Yes, same problem for me with the online version - clicking once doesn't work for some of the callouts.

The first one seems to go though okay but then the following (3rd, 4th etc.,) requires multiple clicks.

Is the video fully downloaded before it starts? That could be a problem if it's buffering and the clicked parts aren't available to play yet...


PS - The downloaded version seems to be almost worse?? Had to supply multiple clicks for ALL of the images.

Also, shouldn't the video stop until it's clicked? I've noticed that the callout will display but the video still plays for a moment or two till it stops??

Sounds to me like you'd be better off using DebugMode's Wink (http://www.debugmode.com) to do these tutorials? (Not to mention it's free)

16/01/2007, 20h12
No, this problem is not related to the buffer, I have the same on my hard drive.

For the video, it stops at the end of the callout, which is always around 1 second, that's why it plays a little of the video.

And I don't want to use Wink, because the camtasia capture system is more powerfull (and we already have a license :))

16/01/2007, 20h26
Same problem here...

17/01/2007, 00h06
same problem here - as soon as the popup appears I have to click play (sometimes several times).

17/01/2007, 00h11
Yes, same problem here Thomas.

17/01/2007, 19h05
I get the same results.


19/01/2007, 02h30
same too.