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26/12/2006, 21h41
Im involved in a program that is willing to help me with schooling and to then creat my own business but i have to supply raw data about the actual need of freelance artists/designers and if it would be worth it for them to assist me in the whole endevor.
Can any of the polyloop community help me in this?

28/12/2006, 20h15
Please can you be more explicit .
I think that the only thing that artist need is to get rid of the buttons, cliks, scripting or learning..I guess they first want to be freed.
People want to go fast.artist want to go fast .They also need to go far and programs have to be complete and easy to be tuned asx they want.
I saw some artists in action, if they are good with computers, the job is more easy for them..It shouldn't be. But again..the most important thing could be..the documentation. After the technical ressources (systems/compatibilities)..In exemple, one of the most valuable program for artists (Zbrush) doesn't work if you have too much ram..This is just stupid.

28/12/2006, 23h19
Im involved in a program that is willing to help me with schooling and to then creat my own business but i have to supply raw data about the actual need of freelance artists/designers and if it would be worth it for them to assist me in the whole endevor.
Can any of the polyloop community help me in this?

Could be generalized data, like the volume of the shops/project sales. (e.g:250 items sold in the past quarter with an avg sale value of $7 per item, or done so many projects in this past quarter with an avg yield of $$, etc.) I don't think you have to list specific finacial data.
The program im in is run by the state its called Vocational Rehab it is to help people with different disabilities a chance to retrain in a different more suitable field of work. They want me to show them that if they do help me with this that it will benifit me and allow me to make something out of it.
i would not be suppling any data you allow me to be viewed publicly it would only be seen by three people: Myself, my state worker and the financial adviser, for the sole purpose of convincing them that it is a lukrative job venture for me.
Any help of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I going to be going to school for Game Art & Design, so ill be dealing with 2D, 3D, and Animations. www.aionline.edu then look at the Game Art & Design link.
Hope This gives more insight:)

An aspiring artist,

29/12/2006, 03h53
I think you wanted our help before and we told you that you might want to have a portfolio and invest time not money into graphics arts as a hobby for several years before going pro. I think I asked you to post a few samples of your work. It could be 2-D (PhotoShop) or 3-D (Bryce). Could you please do it so we have an idea of your skill level? I say this because it does not make sense to tell a midget there is good money to be made as a professional basket ball player. False expectations can do more harm than good. 3-D animation and graphic arts can be fun but you may or may not make a living at it. Many people do not get hired and many freelance operations go out of bussiness. I am not trying to be negative but I would not want you to tell the people involved that you will make millions.

I think we all helped you out as much as we can already in your other thread about this very same thing. Would you like us to tell you Maya is very easy to learn. Once you learn Maya you will make $50,000.00 minimum. You will have to many job offers to even consider them all? Is that what you want to hear? I think we gave you the tuth before but feel free to ask again. We all hinted at the same answer. There is good money to be made by a selecet few. You may be one of them but I have know Idea what your knowledge level is for video production, web design, gaming or add layouts. MulitMedia Artists need to be trained in several fields now days. Can we see a demo this time?

I am not sure it will be a lucrative job venture for you. Why do you think it would be? Let us put the shoe on the other foot. I think you wanted to specialize in clothing. How much do you think you would make as a DAZ merchant only selling clothes? That would be like a mechanic who only knows how to change the batteries.

Many of us let you know we did not think you would trun a profit. Let us know your new plans.

29/12/2006, 04h04
In theory you would need a Bussiness Plan to open your own bussiness detailing all the other graphics companies and how much they made or lost. How many have started up in the last few years vs how many have closed shop. What are the operation cost are and how do you plan on getting bussiness. You would need the cost of you equipment should you do printing or video production of even web hosting. How much does it cost to lease a building in Silicon Valley.

www.aionline.edu This means nothing.

29/12/2006, 05h58
this is why im asking for the help this way Med im looking for some confirmed data about how things can go for me if they assist in my schooling and to help me make a biz plan too..... also the link to the school and the courses is very relevant due to the data im asking for its not just one side of the field its both.

I dont have a portfolio, that is why im going to school for this instead of trying to do it alone. Ive changed from my first thoughts of spec. in clothing and gone for a more broader range as a lot of you had hinted at before. the schooling is four yrs long and will allow for me to do many things before i think of actually starting the business up. Im hoping by then that i will have enough under my belt to at least do a touch of freelance work to show them that its worth it and i plan on possibly continueing schooling after to further my skills and my portfolio as well. And no Med youre not sounding condisending or negitive to me in fact you are one of the factors in my change in paths:p

29/12/2006, 08h08
I am one of the old school perhaps (75) but I would suggest traing in a broader sphere--in Australia perhaps a Batchelor of Arts in whatever (Business Management?), and do you ideas about 3d as an "Add On" subject.