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crazy wabbit
23/12/2006, 09h20
Here are two sites, can you tell me which one sells Carrara and Hex?
Just thought it was funny or maybe not.

23/12/2006, 10h33
The Daz site is pathetic for 3-D artist wanting to buy Carrara or Hexagon. I am embarased to tell people about Daz.

crazy wabbit
26/12/2006, 12h01
This one beats the other one. But what is a cookie man doing there.

31/12/2006, 08h17
It's easy to pick Daz apart and poke fun at them and I'm guilty of it too. I think slogans like "The best just got better" are the absolute bottom of the barrel for creativity in sales and would only expect to see that on blueberry pancakes at Denny's.
That said, they are the caretakers of two of my favorite softs and will get my support until they blatently botch the job. My faith in Daz is still being earned, but my faith in the Eovia developers hasn't changed in 3 years and they still continue to do excellent work on the software. Most 3d companies are small and Daz is no exception, they have limited resources and do what they can with them. I think when they realize what they have their hands on with Carrara and hopefully Hex too, a new vision for them will come to realization. They'll learn that a content only website isn't the best way and that $1.99-$6.99 software needs to be represented and marketed better too and that will take time.

31/12/2006, 10h08
Realization! Yeah, that's what is needed.

DAZ management would have some very serious and troubling issues to purchase Hexagon and Carrara without realizing what they were purchasing (ridiculous). Someone would have had to been dropped squarely on the noggin in early childhood from about 20 feet high.

The DAZ website looks like a cover for a cheap pornographic comic book (great examples in this thread). How much time does it take to improve a website's presentation? How much longer will it take DAZ to better promote their software portfolio with the additions of Carrara and Hexagon? Wasn't that said early on by DAZ management to be a fundamental change with the acquisition of Carrara and Hexagon? It would be great to see DAZ promote their software with at least a mere fraction of the effort they put into promoting their content. And the way they promote their content...whew. A realization that DAZ is always there for a good laugh.

Realization yes! A realization that DAZ has had more than enough time to create an appropriate platform for Hexagon and Carrara. A realization that DAZ fully concentrates on content and Platinum Club memberships and that their software is only an extension to forward those efforts. A realization to always take DAZ efforts and statements seriously (rare though they may be).

Embarrassingly hilarious! :w00t: No need to wonder about DAZ's business direction. DAZ is concerned with the 3d comedy business. Selling laughs at every turn for a worldwide 3d audience.

Happy New Year!

31/12/2006, 10h29
Daz is a joke in the world of 3-D software, end of story.

Pete Exxtreme
31/12/2006, 10h55
Please let's give up with that story Daz/content we all know :) :hi: