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crazy wabbit
23/12/2006, 05h55
Has anyone tried Strata 3d program?
I believe they are the same company that make Silo.

23/12/2006, 08h36
No, Silo is a separate 2 man show. Have you seen the prices of Strata!
Why would you want it?

crazy wabbit
23/12/2006, 09h10
No, I don't want it, just went there and they have a jazzy site, I wish daz did a similar site. Oh well Santa make my dream come true.
Just went to the title screen at Daz and looks like a womans Lingerie store. :O

25/12/2006, 00h27
Strata has a gorgeous rendering engine. And its a very flexible rendering engine that allows a bit more detailed fine tuning than Carraras. Especially in regards to GI. Thats about all it has though. It was used on the first versions of Myst for rendering.

25/12/2006, 01h48
One of Strata's claims to fame is that it's interface is very much like Photoshop. It's historically a Mac program and it is trying to make 3d easily accessible to designers. It has very strong links with Illustrator and Photoshop.

Strata was one of the first 3d apps I used so I have a soft spot for it. And at $695 it's very affordable, so I don't know where the too expensive tag comes from.

25/12/2006, 09h15
I started with it too. Lacks good animation tools. But a nice renderer and a decent modeler. Was one of the better apps in the early 90's has not improved much since.

25/12/2006, 22h47
I have used StrataCX for many years. It has a great rendering engine and an Adobe like interface. One of the very best things about Strata is it's community. I have always been amazed as to how freely and quickly someone will answer my questions. This has allowed me to progress quickly with it. The other thing that is important is it seems to be a solid company that has been in business for a long while. Getting involved with a 3D software company is a commitment of time and money. There is nothing more irritating than when you don't feel like the company is committed back to you. Daz and Hexagon comes to mind when I think about lack of commitment—sorry I just feel that way!

Check out the StrataCafe sometime to see even more of what those folks are doing including me! http://www.stratacafe.com/member.asp?ID=7607

26/12/2006, 01h18
This is definitely a selling point. When apps start playing musical chairs they tend to suffer. Bryce is an excellent example imo.

In Daz's defence though, they are keeping alive software which may have kicked the bucket otherwise (and may still I guess). They seem to have improved Bryce a lot more than Corel did, and Corel have heaps more experience developing software than Daz.

26/12/2006, 06h06
I agree! And although I slammed Daz I hope hexagon survives but I will not waiting much longer until I will stop caring or watching for it.

crazy wabbit
26/12/2006, 06h24
Tell me about your avatar? Are those hairs for real?